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A longtime social activist, trainer in nonviolent resistance techniques, certified solar installer, and well-published author, Samuel Avery lives on a small homestead outside Louisville, Kentucky.

Gaia and the Expansion of Humanity: Is There Room on Earth for People?

At the very moment that the world is closing in on us, human consciousness is expanding rapidly across the globe with the invention of television, cell phones, satellites, and computers. The pixel screen has become the “electronic retina” of collective consciousness as the human form evolves at break-neck speed on the organizational level. Technology is biology. The new consciousness is not what is on the screen; it is the screen itself – electronics are an unprecedented potential to see further and wider than ever before. Now, if we choose to look at the world the way it is, we have the capacity to transform ourselves into a sustainable global society. We have the means, and therefore the choice, to struggle against the divisiveness of race, creed, and nationality – to unite, and thereby to live. Human unity is the minimum condition for survival in the twenty-first century.

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