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A longtime social activist, trainer in nonviolent resistance techniques, certified solar installer, and well-published author, Samuel Avery lives on a small homestead outside Louisville, Kentucky.

Divided We Fall: Consciousness, Technology, and Human Unity

Cities, empires, and civilizations have declined and fallen in the past, but in our own time, humanity as a whole is vulnerable to collapse. Overpopulation, nuclear war, and climate change threaten our continued existence and threaten the existence of every other sentient being as well. In 3.8 billion years of life on Earth, never before has one species dominated and endangered the entire planet and never before has one species evolved to the height of seeing and understanding the interrelations of life as a whole. My new book, Divided We Fall: Consciousness, Technology, and Human Unity, explains how humans have unwittingly brought life to the edge of extinction, and how, with the inborn creativity of our species, we have the chance to evolve, survive, and thrive with other forms of life.

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The Role of the Observer

The enigmas of quantum mechanics: tunneling, the uncertainty principle, collapse of the wave function, etc., all involve space and time dimensions and all involve the role of the observer.  The enigmas of special

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The Size of the World

Presentation: November 16, 2017 Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. As scientific knowledge presents an expanding universe of human interaction with nature, America retreats to a shrinking world of national prejudice and economic materialism. 

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Driving on Sunshine

The pieces finally came together: I bought a plug-in hybrid car (Chevy Volt) and installed a new set of solar panels on the garage roof. I’m driving on sunshine! The Volt looks and

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