Along the Pipeline, The Texas Barricade – July 22-26, 2012

Update 8/8/12: 

I’ve decided to remove this post for now, to be put back up at a later date just to be on the cautious side. Don’t want to reveal too much right now! Please look back for the return of this post and for new posts from my time at the tar sands mines in Alberta, Canada coming soon!





Hi folks — me again.

I’m still in Texas, (Friday) getting ready to join up with the Texas Barricade training session this afternoon.  I will be heading home Sunday and Monday.

What follows is, unfortunately, an abridged version of what I have written about the goings on here.  I have left some things out, as this is not a good time to be spreading all the details.  The devil will be in the details, we hope, and it is not yet time to let him out.  It’s no big deal, really, but people here don’t want TransCanada to know what is happening until construction crews get here.

I will write later about the training and the planned actions at Susan’s place just north of here.




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