I am a Globalist

         It is interesting that anti-globalists know so much more about globalism than globalists do.  I hear that we are part of a worldwide conspiracy, yet I am not aware of any attempts to take over anything.  Globalism is not yet a defined movement, much less a well-defined movement.  In fact, very few of us […]

Divided We Fall: Consciousness, Technology, and Human Unity

Excerpts from the Introduction:  The Retina The eye does not see the shape of the world. I look and it is not there.  Across the fencerow the field is level.  Beyond are slopes of grass and bramble, and on the far hillside an army of standing timber.  The horizon covers half the universe.  Overhead the […]

There Are No Enemies

Climate chaos is the first crisis in human history that is truly planetary in scale.  It involves all people everywhere in relation to the natural world.  Within the Earth’s atmosphere humanity exists as a single entity in relation to plants and animals.  There are no divisions of nationality, class, party or ideology – no good people or […]

An Opening Skirmish in Texas – September 19, 2012

Hi Everybody! Here is an account of my recent experience in Texas. Sitters are already in the trees on David Daniel’s land, and the siege has begun. Two others have locked down today to machinery near the tree village.  Preparations were moving at a rapid pace when I was there, and we are likely to […]