Divided We Fall: Consciousness, Technology, and Human Unity

Excerpts from the Introduction:  The Retina The eye does not see the shape of the world. I look and it is not there.  Across the fencerow the field is level.  Beyond are slopes of grass and bramble, and on the far hillside an army of standing timber.  The horizon covers half the universe.  Overhead the […]

The Role of the Observer

The enigmas of quantum mechanics: tunneling, the uncertainty principle, collapse of the wave function, etc., all involve space and time dimensions and all involve the role of the observer.  The enigmas of special and general relativity also involve space, time, and mass, and the role of the observer.  The place to look for a deeper […]

The Size of the World

Presentation: November 16, 2017 Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. As scientific knowledge presents an expanding universe of human interaction with nature, America retreats to a shrinking world of national prejudice and economic materialism.  When will we begin to live in the larger world?  Why does compassion and active concern for natural systems among some people […]

Driving on Sunshine

The pieces finally came together: I bought a plug-in hybrid car (Chevy Volt) and installed a new set of solar panels on the garage roof. I’m driving on sunshine! The Volt looks and drives like any other car, just quieter, and it costs about what a new car ought to cost.  With a full charge, the […]

What is the Connection Between Consciousness and Activism?

I am an activist. I speak out. I take to the streets. I am content in my personal life, am not oppressed, and have no gripe against society, but I believe humanity is a danger to itself and to others. In community with others I demonstrate to create awareness of the situation we are all in. The […]

What is the Connection Between Physics and Consciousness?

At first glance, the two are polar opposites: one is the external, objective, material world, while the other is the interior, subjective world of direct experience.   Physics is matter in motion, the concrete and the measurable, while consciousness is the private being of self.  Each could exist, seemingly, without the other. But old assumptions are wearing thin.  Physics […]

Sierra Club Presentation on Solar Energy: Closing Statement

Sierra Club Presentation on Solar Energy – Louisville 2 ½ billion years ago a little single-celled bacterium invented the solar collector.   At the time, there were no plants and no animals on the Earth.   An ocean of solar energy was falling on the ground every second of every day, as it does now, but life did not […]

There Are No Enemies

Climate chaos is the first crisis in human history that is truly planetary in scale.  It involves all people everywhere in relation to the natural world.  Within the Earth’s atmosphere humanity exists as a single entity in relation to plants and animals.  There are no divisions of nationality, class, party or ideology – no good people or […]

The Right Question

We all heard Obama say he would turn down the Keystone XL pipeline if it causes carbon emissions to be “significantly” worse.  We also know that the Canadian tar sands constitute the second largest carbon sink on the planet, and that burning billions of barrels of this crudest of crude oils will “significantly” increase the carbon […]